About me 🇬🇧

I'm Giulia

and I firmly believe that if you really want to involve people in your life, you have to invite them to dinner.  

It may seem a weird affirmation, but, actually, it isn’t: in fact, it is during a convivial moment such as “dinner” that it is possible to share with your guests some aspects of yourself that may not emerge on other occasions.  In the same way, I am convinced that events are an opportunity for companies and brands to express themselves fully, not only showing the “visual” but making the participants experience, taste and enjoy their own essence.

This is precisely what I do: thorough events, I help create a “live story”, step by step. I do it for institutions, cultural organizations, brands, and anyone who wants to tell the audience their own story through creativity, art, music, using a cosmopolitan, innovative and constantly evolving language.

Just like a seamstress puts together the different parts of a dress, I sew everything you need to obtain a functional, beautiful and customer-friendly result.

This is how my job can be described: I am an Event Operations Manager.

I promote the development of cultural initiatives, as they are "sharing spaces that create value and experience": they talk about themselves and while doing it they invent new models, discover new needs and establish social relationships.

In other words, culture lives.

I think that events are instruments, resources that become a center of multifunctional culture and continuous creative production. They allow the expression of the human being, which is never an end in itself, but rather the result of a process of active and proactive participation. It is precisely with this shared spirit that, I “sew” the creative parts of every single project.

I believe in beautiful projects, in initiatives brimming with creativity, in people who have clear ideas and strongly want to carry them out. I believe in the concreteness of things, in communication and in human relationships, and in those who are truly passionate about what they do.

I like what I do and I’m determined to do it at my best. I work with passion, as that is the only way I know to do it.


My working background allows me to interface with a niche related to different areas.

Specifically, I work for:

  • Concerts and Boutique Festivals (mainly independent and alternative);

  • Cultural / entertainment products (specific formats, cultural initiatives, projects for the enhancement and requalification of the territory through artistic and cultural initiatives, spin offs, live performances, showcases)

In this context, as Event Operations Manager I can offer specific skills on 2 different Macro Areas:

1) EVENTS: both for the strategic and operational part. Ideation, planning and coordination of the workflows – which implies the organization and realization of an event – improving and making them more efficient, in order to guarantee the achievement of the goals, working together with all those involved in the realization of the event, such as the Event Manager, the Creative Direction, the Production, etc.
2) COMMUNICATION: Strategic support in the Promotion and Communication of the event through the following activities: -Social Media Management (study of social strategy, community management activities); – Digital Strategy activities (analysis of goals, target, drafting of editorial and web marketing plan).