In this context, as Event Operations Manager I can offer specific skills on 2 different Macro Areas:


  • Both for the strategic and operational part.
    Ideation, planning and coordination of the workflows – which implies the organization
    and realization of an event
  • improving and making them more efficient, in order to
    guarantee the achievement of the goals, working together with all those involved in
    the realization of the event, such as the Event Manager, the Creative Direction, the
    Production etc.


  • Strategic support in the Promotion and Communication of the
    event through the following activities;
  • Social Media Management (study of social strategy, community management
  • Digital Strategy activities (analysis of goals, target, drafting of editorial and web
    marketing plan)

My working background allows me to interface with a niche related to different areas.

Specifically, I work for:

  • Concerts and Boutique Festivals (mainly independent and alternative);

  • Cultural /entertainment products (specific formats, cultural initiatives, projects for the enhancement and requalification of the territory through artistic and cultural initiatives, spin offs, live performances, showcases)